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About The Author

Dee Okolotowicz is an owner-operator in the trucking industry who travels extensively throughout the United States. She is 56 years old, married 31 years, and lives in Florida.

As a writer and as an observer of human interactions, she studies people, psychology, criminology, sociology,and journalism. As a person who believes being "politically correct" is a deterrent to the truth, Dee is honest and passionate in her commentaries, often with a hint of sarcasm which comes naturally to her.

Dee is a politically active conservative who believes in the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights. She is a lover of the written word, a researcher, and a photographer. She also enjoys animals, wildlife, the arts, ocean and mountain environments, and making new discoveries.

She writes a blog, journals, fiction, short stories, scripts, essays, and is working on a novel.