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Blog posts December 2015

Truth Or Consequences?

Does truth qualify as "hate speech?  Or are people so politically correct, that values such as honesty are looked upon as annoying or racist?  It appears that people have become so conditioned to lies and corruption, that demonizing those who tell the truth have become a national pastime. Not a day …

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The American Nightmare

For over two hundred years, Americans have enjoyed a life based on civil liberties and freedom. Secure in the knowledge that the Constitution and Bill of Rights backed those liberties and maintained our privacy, Americans became complacent regarding the governance of our nation over the years.


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A Stroke of Luck

Chance favors the prepared mind, not the padded wallet. Yet every year, thousands of people flock to Las Vegas in the hopes of hitting it big and leaving with a small fortune.

As I sit here in the heart of "Sin City," I can't help but wonder, do people actually believe their chance to attain a port…

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