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Americans: Patriotic or Pathetic?

At any age, life does not get any easier and none of us are getting any younger. Nevertheless, we should continue to fight whatever fight needs fighting when it comes to the fate of our nation and the law of the land, namely, the Constitution of the United States of America.  Win or lose, it's the fight or the struggle for something greater than ourselves that is important.  This is what defines a nation and its people.  Often times, hardships and injustices happen to us because we allow them to happen.        

It's that simple.

There are always ways to accomplish changes and options open to us, if people truly want the economy, the laws, or the size of our government to be changed.  Today however, people are more interested in their own small circle of life, getting freebies from the government, or for those who do work, obsessed with making as much money as possible, than they are about making a concerted effort to get involved with the politics of this nation, both on a local level or nationally.  Most people find politics disdainful, confusing and frankly, corrupt.  While that is true, there are things that can be done to change it.  In another age, (an age where people had pride and concern over the issues that affected their daily lives), as a whole, people were involved with the political process in ways that people simply don't bother with any longer.   

The fight to keep our freedom, liberty and to save the organic Constitution, is what is much more important than money to a higher degree.  Capitalism is at the heart of our freedom and liberty, yet that system is being threatened in America, making our country quite literally the last vestige of civil liberties left on the planet.   People must plan to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.  People must once again become the self-resilient patriots we once were, and to stand together or fall together.  This attitude and perspective is the only thing that will save us from our eventual and fundamental change to a socialist system, perhaps even through communism.  The fight to remain a capitalist nation of choices is a more difficult challenge than we have ever faced in our history, not to mention the constant presence of big brother and the surveillance state.  

Americans simply don't want to fight for what we have had the luxury of enjoying all these years. People take their freedom, their right of choice, their right to decide for themselves and the right to live the life they choose, for granted. That's because they forgot what blood had to be spilled over 200 years ago in order for you to go shopping at the mall, for you to be able to publicly vocalize issues that disturb you without fear of arrest, for you to be able to enjoy that football game on your big screen television or drive your car wherever you want, or to be able to travel anywhere you wish on your family vacation.

People have forgotten, (or perhaps they were never taught), but everything they have and all the choices they are able to make today, came at a price to someone before you, many years earlier, who was willing to fight for them.  When are more patriots going to pledge to do the same thing?  When are more patriots going to stop worrying about their paychecks and start worrying more about their principles? After all, it's principles that put us in the position we are in today.  Unfortunately, self serving principles of the world's globalists are currently destroying our country, or rather, the way we've always known our country to be.  So principles are very important to the survival of a nation. The only question is, what are yours? And do they serve your community and the United States of America or just yourself?

The complacency of Americans is out of control.  There has never been such a lack of ownership of the country as we have today.  And for those who do speak out, they should be aware by now that simply complaining to one another about these issues or networking strictly on social media, isn't going to return America to the strong, respected nation it once was either.  It will now require sacrifices.  It may even require similar sacrifices that colonials employed during the American Revolution.  

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