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An Activist's Holiday

Sometimes I think Americans would be better informed if we created a holiday to honor activism in our country. Honoring someone, some place or something that has significant meaning to us, good or bad, might just make us more conscious as to how our country and our lives are controlled, and in the end, make us more intelligent citizens. If I could create a new national holiday to celebrate in the United States, I would pick December 23rd, and call it National Political Activist Day.

I feel the citizens of this country need a holiday that commemorates all the political activists, both known and unknown to us, that have struggled to awaken the general public over the years. The date would be chosen to remind us of the birth of the Federal Reserve, (December 23, 1913, when Woodrow Wilson signed into law, the Federal Reserve Act). This would not be a day of celebration. It would be chosen as a day of mourning.  

This day, all those years ago, was the foundation for all corruption and fraud our country has faced for over 103 years. All of the issues both economically and financially we are currently faced with today, stem directly or indirectly from Federal Reserve practices, and it is well documented. The Federal Reserve is not a government agency, as most people believed back then, and as many people still believe today. It is a private bank, filled with the same bankers, politicians, and other wealthy businessmen and governments; that keep us enslaved in debt today.

No politician, statesmen, member of Congress, or the President, should be allowed to be honored on this new holiday because they have all taken part in one malfeasance or another at some point in their respective careers. It is because of these people that I suggest a new holiday be created to honor several well-known, and even lesser known individuals who have fought these bureaucrats at every level, both state and federal, and fought against their illegal practices, to protect the Constitution of the United States of America.

It should be a Federal crime not to know and understand our Constitution, for everything in our nation, and in our lives, depend on that knowledge. I would choose December 23rd, (the birth of the Fed), as the date of the National Political Activist Day, because it would be a reminder of the battle we are fighting, and hopefully, one day would be a reminder of a challenging time in our history that we overcame.

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