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Riots: Over Food & Water?

Most Americans cannot fathom a world where food and water shortages, food riots or martial law could be a part of their daily lives. In fact, if you ask the majority of people about this possibility, you will probably be met with laughter or disbelief. But the fact is, starvation and food and water shortages are not new to the world. On any given day you can find advertisements asking to help feed the poor or asking for aid to areas in need. 


Food Inflation, Shortages and Riots, by Michael Savage is an excellent article for anyone who wants to understand and prepare for the dangers of what has been occurring with the business of our basic essentials of life, such as food and water.  This article points out how food inflation and shortages can spiral out of control to the point of rioting or worse, due to a number of variables that affect food production and distribution, not to mention the issue of water shortages and ownership.


The issue of food shortages have been occuring for decades in third world countries, but today, we begin to see this grim situation happening in modern metropolitan cities around the world.  Do we honestly believe in light of the fact that our debt is expected to be approximately 22.4 trillion by the end of 2016, that America couldn't face the same situation one day? This quickly becomes a global issue when countries begin to default on their debt, and face other economic issues. An example of the severity is in the country of Venezuela, where even rich Venezuelans cannot find food.  In Argentina, the riots ended but the hunger did not and is once again repeating itself in 2015.


This scenario could very easily occur because of a complex web of money, power, politics, and especially due to the country's debt and the global treaties, where all things agribusiness and food related are being bought up and controlled by multinational corporations or the federal government.



As we begin to feel the food and water shortages (which are only just beginning in this country, and we are led to believe it is primarily due to drought), we learn that through legislation, regulation, corruption and controls, these shortages have been planned as far back as at least the Nixon era.  Food crises are happening all over the globe, and one day it is possible that we will join the world community in that respect. For those non-believers, perhaps a little visit to the World Bank Food Price Crisis Observatory page that monitors all of this information might help convince you.  


Enter Monsanto.  This corporation is playing a huge part in the issue of food production.  GMO (genetically modified organisms) are obviously being hotly debated on both sides of the safety and health issue.  However, more and more scientists, physicians, nutritionists, and every day citizens are getting on the non-GMO bandwagon because many studies reveal severe adverse health effects related to the consumption of genetically modified foods.  Monsanto, with literally the market cornered in the seed industry, has a vested interest in this debate, to the point that the Federal government has shielded them from activist issues by creating The Monsanto Protection Act.


When we look at life changes that have happened around the world, one almost has to explore the cultural philosophy of ancient peoples. The ancients understood that life has always been an exercise in survival, and although humans can and do survive many events, we cannot survive any of it without food and water. There is no getting around this fact.  


If you doubt that government, along with many of the largest multinational corporations plan to control your actions by your food and water consumption, just google one of the many articles, such as the CEO of Nestle Corporation, where he states that water is not a fundamental human right, and it that it should be privatized.  Nestle later changed that statement, but only after they felt the pressure of public opinion.


If you are one of the many people who think this possibility is laughable, impossible, or perhaps believe that this is simply a conspiracy theory, then you need to try to understand the most important points these global manipulators count on. They are counting on you to believe that this scenario could never happen. They are counting on you to believe that your elected leaders would never let this occur.  And they are counting on you to be dumbed down as they have conditioned people to be (through television, the controlled news media and the public school system using the new Common Core program).  


They know the masses are going to believe the government, no matter what situation arises. Since the majority of people's opinions are exactly what they want you to have, this makes it very easy for these global leaders to be able to orchestrate and control the food production and distribution industry without a word of protest from the the masses.  Global governance is not difficult to achieve when there is little resistance, and when those same mega corporations control what you hear and see.

If you still believe that these multinational corporations and career politicians have your best interests at heart, don't be too sure about that. They have plenty of resources, including non-GMO food and seeds for their future food stocks. Once more, I suggest you to do a bit of research about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway and seed vaults in other locations. Look it up for yourself and see what almost all the major governments and the wealthy 1% of the world are doing to secure their food needs. They have their future food resources secured, even if you don't. They have prepared for an unknown future or event, even if you haven't.  


Although they may be prepared for a crisis, don't count on getting any of that healthy food or those healthy seeds into your home or garden any time soon.  You'll continue to get the same Round Up enhanced, genetically modified, non-organic food and fluoridated water you've been getting, if you get anything at all.

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