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The American Nightmare

For over two hundred years, Americans have enjoyed a life based on civil liberties and freedom. Secure in the knowledge that the Constitution and Bill of Rights backed those liberties and maintained our privacy, Americans became complacent regarding the governance of our nation over the years.


For far too long, Americans ignored the changing political environment here in the United States, as well as throughout the world.  This has enabled the acceleration of a new world order takeover within our government by foreign interests, both here in this country and abroad, much like a "hostile takeover" within a corporation, but with little or no resistance from its compliant citizens. The United States, or rather, the twelve square miles known as Washington, D.C., technically became a "corporation" with the passing of the Act of 1871, so it's of no surprise that the "order" of things emanating from the Federal government seems more corporate in nature, than Constitutional.


This complacency, in many ways, has already cost us our way of life, and has created a distrust of the government that we would never have believed possible. With “Big Brother” watching our every move and taking away our ability to govern ourselves, we are turning into a society of serfs, to be ruled over by a group of global elites, rather than governed by modern day facsimiles of our Founding Fathers, and all with our approval.


In the last three decades, our freedoms and liberties have come under attack repeatedly. The country itself is in danger of a fundamental change to a new political fabric, be it socialist, fascist, communist or a society based on corporate fascism or corporatism, none of which are in alignment with the capitalist based fundamentals that the United States citizenry has embraced throughout its history.


An honest review over the last twelve months alone, tells us that America is no longer land of the free and home of the brave.  It has become more in line with George Orwell's “1984,” where it's citizens live in fear and by intimidation, and where many of the so called "crises" are in fact, government created, in order to arrive with the solution, giving the Fed more control and the citizen fewer liberties, under the guise of either national security or securing your safety.


Our national sovereignty and history are systematically being erased by hijacking our education and economic systems with a new global philosophy with little American involvement and a large amount of foreign ownership.  National pride is being taught as a racist ideology, and that Americans who embrace the Constitution and Bill of Rights are a threat to national security. On the contrary, these American and foreign globalists are the threat.  They threaten not only our way of life, but our lives themselves.


Today, Americans are being pitted against each other by these globalists over a host of issues such as economics, civil liberties, immigration, political parties, religion, education, police brutality and racism, along with other social situations. And although these daily challenges seem almost impossible to defeat, policies regarding these issues are by no means final, as a small percent of the population continue to make news fighting these unconstitutional agendas.


Below is a list of many important issues we have seen emerge over the years that continue to make news every day, such as:


-The mainstream media compliant with socialist agendas 

-Dictatorial powers by Executive Orders

-Gun control, gun bans and registration, clearly in defiance of the Constitution

-Signing of the UN Small Arms Treaty

-United Nations treaties becoming American policy

-DHS purchases of arms, ammo and vehicles for use in the United States

-U.N. Agenda 21 policies throughout America, implemented in cities and towns every day

-The Bureau of Land Management land grabs and intimidation tactics

-Foreign controlled interests within the U.S., mainly China

-Increased police state tactics and policies

-Federalizing local police forces

-NSA spy programs and surveillance programs increase

-Cyber attacks nationwide

-Geo Engineering and Chemtrail Programs

-Common Core School curriculum

-Genetically Modified Foods

-Weather warfare at home and abroad

-Drone attacks

-The militarization of local police forces

-Over 200 top military brass patriots fired

-Nukes transferred secretly from military bases, still missing

-Government labels Founding Fathers, Conservatives, Christians and Veterans and Constitutionalists, and people who support certain Candidates as Extremists and Domestic Terrorists

-An EMP Attack on our electrical grid and electronics

-A new war in the Middle East or Asia

-FEMA training pastors for preparation of martial law, firearm seizures and forced relocation

-NDAA Reauthorized with Indefinite Detention of Americans each year

-The Supreme Court giving the green light to Indefinite Detention of Americans

-The Propaganda Bill - Propaganda used legally on Americans with no recourse

-The National Defense Resources Act 


In order to stop the demise of our country, we must stand together, (as many of us as possible), and let this group of global controllers understand that principles of freedom and liberty that have defined American culture will survive, no matter what they do to change our government or daily lives. There will always be people who preserve those principles by passing them down through home education and stories to the next generation, even in secret if necessary.


We must also remember that no resistance or revolution has ever had the support of the majority.  It has always been a smaller portion of the citizenry who have taken a stand against tyranny; that small portion of people ready, willing and committed to defending our freedom, liberty and the sacrifices of those who came before us in the same fight.


No matter how difficult things become, we must never abandon the principles and values that made this country unique, being the only Constitutional Republic. This idea could prove to be the most challenging of all for Americans, for it will require not only sacrifices on all our parts in the coming days ahead, but it will require all of us to choose which side of the fence we will stand on.  It is time once again to pay the price for freedom, remembering that history always repeats itself.

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