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The Constitution & The Bill of Rights

Until recently, I've always been proud to be an American, because as an American, we have certain inalienable rights provided to us under the law.  Thankfully, our forefathers provided us two legal documents to define our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as well as providing checks and balances between the branches of government. These documents are namely the Constitution of the united states of America, and the Bill of Rights. (And no, I did not forget to capitalize the "u" in united and the "s" in states.  This is the way the original document was written by the Founders).

Interestingly enough, as important as these documents are to our civil liberties and our personal freedom, I can always find a large number of people who have absolutely no idea what these documents mean in relation to our lives as citizen, or even what these documents say on paper.  In light of this new world we are being forced to live in, one would think that people would brush up on their knowledge of American history in order to be able to recognize the laws and rights that are being nullified and violated by Congress and the President, but they don't.  And even more interesting is how few of our children in public school systems are being taught factual American History to begin with, (without a liberal or leftist viewpoint).  In many instances, parts of history are even being left out of history books).

I often find that a large number of Americans don't care or mind that many of their liberties have already been taken from them, and more could be gone at almost any time. In my opinion, this begs the question, why would they not care that they are no longer a free American citizen, free to speak their mind without repercussion, free to assemble peacefully and show how they feel about an issue, or free to know they are not being spied on, surveyed or set up. They honestly believe they can do these things and that they are able to speak freely without any eventual consequences.  Today's Americans are being easily fooled by a government who has so much control over our lives, they are either afraid to speak out, don't care to speak out (because discussions about Dancing with the Stars, the latest A List celebrity, sports or even the next episode of their favorite television show, are probably more important to them), or perhaps they simply don't know enough of their own history to be able to debate an issue.  I often ponder whether or not these people have actually earned the freedoms these documents provide them to begin with.  However, lazy, frightened or uninformed, they do have the same rights as the next person, so for their rights (earned or not), I continue to fight.

If you've ever seen the movie, “The American President,” try and remember what Michael Douglas' character said about our freedoms and liberties.  He said “America isn't easy. America is hard.  America is advanced citizenship.  You've got to want it bad cause it's gonna put up a fight.”  And it is putting up a fight because our Constitution and Bill of Rights are being attacked by the very people who should be protecting our rights for us.  They are being attacked by the people in power in the government that are suppose to represent us.  Quite frankly, I don't believe the average American has enough information and knowledge about the political history of our country or about the candidates they are voting for.  My personal opinion is that I don't believe they should even be voting at such a critical time in our history without this knowledge.  I do feel that a basic history exam should be required of each American wishing to place a vote.  That would certainly take care of voting fraud.  At least then we would know that their vote is a viewpoint based on the facts they have and not just a vote without any knowledge at all.

With the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), more commonly known as the "Indefinite Detention of Americans Act", along with H.R. 357, the Federal Grounds & Maintenance Act (more commonly known as the "Trespass Act"), as well as being “informed” by our Secretary of Defense and the President that our military now takes its “marching orders” from the United Nations & NATO, as well as many other bills in the wings just waiting to be enacted, Americans had better start reading a factual history book not used by the public school system, or at the very least, get off their collective rear ends and listen in on political discussion or a video not hosted by CNN.  They have a lot of catching up to do.  And if they don't do it quickly, they may find they're out of time to bring themselves up to speed.

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