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Which Direction Will America Go?

In this volatile world we now find ourselves living in, it is not easy to decipher all the how's and why's of this question. It is almost impossible to keep track of all the global players and their uniforms without a scorecard, but the question itself is easy to answer. We have been living in a new world order for quite some time whether you realize it or not, and there is much more to come down this road. Unfortunately for America's citizens, our National GPS has malfunctioned.


In light of all of the new laws, executive orders and directives, and certainly due to the social culture here in America, it is more than a little apparent that we are headed in the direction of socialism, with a solid foundations in Communism and Fascism. It would be more accurate to say that this new emerging culture or social structure is closer to a hybrid of the three systems. Some people are convinced it is more corporatism, or corporate fascism than socialism or communism. Regardless which may present itself now or in the future, none of these philosophies appeal to most Americans, because none of them encourage the free market system which most Americans have come to embrace.


Our civil liberties have provided direction in our respective careers and lives. Over the last several decades, we have been losing those freedoms and liberties, and with them, the klout and admiration for being known as the "Leaders of Technology and the Freedom People."  We even find ourselves seeing the erosion of civil liberties at the local levels, as individuals fight to try to maintain states rights and some amount of control over their own lives. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are the ideals that make Americans who they are. These are the beliefs that American patriots take stock in and follow. Our reputation as a leading industrialized nation has always a matter of American pride, maintaining a high standing in the global community. Our ingenuity has always been driven by our system of free enterprise, capitalism, and the right to choose.  But that belief is being changed.  We are now being acclimated to believe that government dependence is a better way. Even our global image has changed. Our President's reputation has eroded from that of "the leader of the free world, to that of destroyer of worlds."


It seems appropriate that I write about this topic here during the last six months of 2015. This is not a season many of us are looking forward to, due to several reasons; some of which include another possible fiscal cliff in October, Quantitative Easing ending (which could be the catalyst for a severe economic collapse), the issue of ObamaCare, the loss of more jobs to foreign countries, the down surging of our stock market as the global elites manipulate money and commodities, as well as the many earth changes that are occurring (be them man made or natural disasters).


For the first time, people are unsure of their direction or if they even have a future. Life has become an exercise in survival and principle, and we may even face martial law before it's all over with all the political tensions in the Middle East. One thing is certain, the government has no intention of being transparent about these points, since it would serve no purpose for them to do so, other than revealing their plans for us. However, when they do discuss them it's usually through the mouthpiece of mainstream media (MSM), and you can be sure its purpose is to spread their propaganda and manipulate your viewpoint.


One additional problem we face is the newly emerging police state that is literally changing the face of the country. No longer a free, constitutional republic with citizens who are free to choose their path through life, we are being spied upon, monitored, told how to behave socially, how to conduct our business and personal endeavors, what to eat, where we can go, what we can do, what we can think or say and what we can own. For most of us, the life we once knew is quickly vanishing.


What direction is America going? We're obviously on the road to hell because religion is also being attacked on a daily basis. Christians and people of other religions besides Islam are being harassed by those who promote this new hybrid system of "SociFasciCom."


When you take another look at America's GPS, don't be surprised if all you see is "Recalculating..."

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