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Facebook & Texting

The internet is an amazing place to explore, to work within, and socialize on. It can even be a useful and convenient tool, but in many cases, it ends up becoming a double-edged sword. The negative side of the net's advantages is its ability to be abused by both responsible and irresponsible users, …

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It Shouldn't Have Been Invented

In this day of technology and digital data, we often hear people debate the subject of whether or not the computer should have been invented. When I hear this being discussed, it is usually the baby boomer or older generations that feel this way. The idea that the personal computer has become too in…

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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way Back to the Shore

Many years ago when I was growing up, my family and I use to vacation at Cape Cod each year for the summer. I loved the beach, the ocean, and all the activities that are associated with summer and beach life. We would camp in our very comfy Holiday Rambler trailer, at the foot of the North Highl…

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My Animated Counterpart

I would never have believed I could come up with an animated character that would resemble myself since I rarely watched cartoons or animation. There are a few animated characters I've enjoyed over the years, such as Scooby Doo and Buggs Bunny, but I didn't see any correlation between them and m…

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The Constitution & The Bill of Rights

Until recently, I've always been proud to be an American, because as an American, we have certain inalienable rights provided to us under the law.  Thankfully, our forefathers provided us two legal documents to define our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as well as providing chec…

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An Activist's Holiday

Sometimes I think Americans would be better informed if we created a holiday to honor activism in our country. Honoring someone, some place or something that has significant meaning to us, good or bad, might just make us more conscious as to how our country and our lives are controlled, and in the e…

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Americans: Patriotic or Pathetic?

At any age, life does not get any easier and none of us are getting any younger. Nevertheless, we should continue to fight whatever fight needs fighting when it comes to the fate of our nation and the law of the land, namely, the Constitution of the United States of America.  Win or lose, it's the f…

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Everyday Heros

I have always believed that a real hero is an everyday person or citizen. I have never felt that true heroism has to come from someone in the military or even someone donning a uniform, as many of those men and women were drafted years ago, or volunteered to receive college scholarships and benefi…

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That's Not In My Job

I am never surprised at the lack of ownership of one's job by some individuals. On the road, I have encountered almost every type of person, both man, and woman. This one particular day, I had to deal with a woman who is a feminist. Now, I have nothing against feminists, but this one had just go…

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Just Do Your Job

As a regular part of trucking through Florida, my home state, we are required to enter Agriculture stations that check to make sure certain products are not brought into the state, or are legal to enter, etc. Because the inspectors know us from coming in twice a week, they usually pass us by withou…

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My Healthy Life...Not!

I wish I could say that I live a healthy lifestyle, but I can't. Being a trucker, and out on the road for several weeks at a time, is not a life that promotes healthy living. In fact, it's probably one of the worst jobs as far as being able to stay healthy or to eat properly.

The truck stops have…

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Progress vs. Perception

Whether or not progress is beneficial to society is a topic that would elicit a variety of opinions from its citizens. I would venture to say, for every idea or tool that has changed, or been invented; there will be those who find them a hindrance as well as helpful. Personally, I feel many of our s…

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My Desktop

As you can see from the photo in this post, my desktop is neat, tidy and impeccable, and has plenty of space on it.  Space is paramount to me, both in work and play.

There is something in my personality that requires that I always have my own space, regardless of where that space is, and how muc…

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Riots: Over Food & Water?

Most Americans cannot fathom a world where food and water shortages, food riots or martial law could be a part of their daily lives. In fact, if you ask the majority of people about this possibility, you will probably be met with laughter or disbelief. But the fact is, starvation and food and water …

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The American Nightmare

For over two hundred years, Americans have enjoyed a life based on civil liberties and freedom. Secure in the knowledge that the Constitution and Bill of Rights backed those liberties and maintained our privacy, Americans became complacent regarding the governance of our nation over the years.


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Truth Or Consequences?

Does truth qualify as "hate speech?  Or are people so politically correct, that values such as honesty are looked upon as annoying or racist?  It appears that people have become so conditioned to lies and corruption, that demonizing those who tell the truth have become a national pastime. Not a day …

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A Stroke of Luck

Chance favors the prepared mind, not the padded wallet. Yet every year, thousands of people flock to Las Vegas in the hopes of hitting it big and leaving with a small fortune.

As I sit here in the heart of "Sin City," I can't help but wonder, do people actually believe their chance to attain a port…

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Monster Mind

While watching a rerun of the movie Terminator 2, I began to consider the technology present in our world today, and what technologies from that film might already be science fact.

Could we already have something like these creations in the government arsenal for future use? And if so, woul…

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Patience Isn't Just a Virtue

While I don't have the market cornered on the virtue of patience, I believe I at least have enough of this wondrous, life saving attribute to not be in danger of being incarcerated for life. I cannot, however, say the same thing about other people.  There is no doubt in my mind that I have traveled …

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The Henderson Swamp...A Creepy Place?

When a friend asked me where the creepiest place I had ever been to was, it didn't even take a minute to respond. I immediately said it was the Henderson Swamp in Louisiana. It's a sizable and heavily visited swamp with causeway bridges covering over 18 miles.  The swamp can evoke many emotions d…

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