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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way Back to the Shore

Many years ago when I was growing up, my family and I use to vacation at Cape Cod each year for the summer. I loved the beach, the ocean, and all the activities that are associated with summer and beach life. We would camp in our very comfy Holiday Rambler trailer, at the foot of the North Highland Lighthouse, down the road from the Head of the Meadow beach, in North Truro, Massachusetts. The natural environment was beauteous and a spectacular place to spend the summer at.

Since I spent every summer there, I made many friends who also returned each year. It was really rather cool to know you had friends that you would see each year, and had things in common with. Anyway, one weekend, we decided to go to the movies. Now, back when I was growing up, when you "went to the movies" at the beach, you went to the drive-in! And I loved the drive-in, as did most people my age. So we all piled into the station wagon one of the parents let us use, and off we went to see the newest film that had just come out on the big screen. Are you wondering what that might have been? Well, it was none other than, "Jaws!" Yes, that's right, a movie about a great white shark terrorizing a popular tourist beach in the summer, was the movie we all went to see at the beach! I recall that at the intermission, all the doors on the station wagon flew open as we all jumped out to catch our breath! Back then, that was a scary movie! We managed to get through it, but the next day at the beach was another ball game!

When we arrived at the beach the next day, no one went running into the waves like we always did. The water was always a cool 38 degrees, and we always had a race to see who would get in first. Not that day. We were still thinking about the movie, even though no one wanted to admit it. So being the brave one and the one who had to show she wasn't afraid of a movie, I headed into the waves. I was out there wave riding so long, that the rest of the gang pretty much forgot about the film after a while, and we all had a good time. I was always known for coming out of the water last. I used to love to ride the surf as the high tide started to roll in.

It got late, and the tide was in, the lifeguards blew the whistle, and I knew I had to head back to shore immediately. So I'm standing in approximately four feet of water when a funny thing happened on my way back to the beach. I felt something hitting my leg. There were always jellyfish around, so you had to be careful. I turned to see what it was, and I just about passed out and died when to my surprise, there was a five-foot sand shark looking at my leg like it was an afternoon snack! It didn't bite me, and I wasn't going to provoke it. You don't even want to know what I was thinking! I could not believe what was happening! I spent every summer at the Cape and never saw a shark of any kind, and now suddenly after seeing that movie, I've got one introducing itself to me!

Of course, I started yelling "Shark!" Yes, I did! And you can imagine how many people came running down to me, right? Well, if you guessed "None," then you'd be correct because no one came to my aid. They thought I was joking! I needed assistance to get out of the water, because high tide was already coming in fast, and the undertow kept pulling me back out into the ocean and toward Mini Jaw! Who knew if he had family out there just waiting for a little smell of blood in the water! Finally, the lifeguards came down and got me out, and made sure everyone was out in case of larger fish in the area.

After that, we never went to see a shark movie again. Of course, I thanked my friends for all their help. 

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