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My Animated Counterpart

I would never have believed I could come up with an animated character that would resemble myself since I rarely watched cartoons or animation. There are a few animated characters I've enjoyed over the years, such as Scooby Doo and Buggs Bunny, but I didn't see any correlation between them and myself. However, as I began to recall the few cartoons I did like watching as a child and even as an adult, I came up with only one possibility. The character I am most like would have to be Mr. Peabody.

First, Mr. Peabody is a dog, and I love dogs. And although Mr. Peabody is a male, this character and I share several attributes and interests, which in my view, make me similar to him. Mr. Peabody is much like a "renaissance man," in that he is a businessman, a scientist, an athlete and even a gourmand. I am a business woman since I own my truck. I have a degree in biology, specifically wildlife related, and I play tennis and ice hockey. Right from the start, we share ground. As far as being a gourmand is concerned, I too enjoy food and drink often to excess, much like Mr. Peabody does.

Mr. Peabody is brilliant. He is an inventor and builds a time 
machine to travel back and forth through history with Sherman, his adopted son. I like to think that I have above average intelligence. And I too have a deep love for history. Hence, Mr. Peabody and I are academics shared. I haven't built a time machine, but I would love learning how to do it and learn the mechanics of such as task as I do with my truck. And most importantly, Mr. Peabody runs into numerous travel "mishaps" during his (time) travel episodes.

I can tell you, as a long haul trucker, not a day goes by that I don't experience numerous travel mishaps in my travel machine, (my truck!)  I know Mr. Peabody so well, I could probably have written some of the episodes!

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