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A Stroke of Luck

Chance favors the prepared mind, not the padded wallet. Yet every year, thousands of people flock to Las Vegas in the hopes of hitting it big and leaving with a small fortune.

As I sit here in the heart of "Sin City," I can't help but wonder, do people actually believe their chance to attain a portion of King Solomon's mine is better than someone else? Or for that matter, do they truly believe that "their day will come," as they roll the dice, hit the buttons or take another hit? The idea that "someone has to win" tells me that perhaps they do not understand the concept of "the House." A simple math course would probably be in order for those planning a visit to this enticing city, (just as long as they don't use one of the "Common Core math courses they use in today's classrooms).

It would seem that in order to be considered a true gambler, one must have certain attributes, including perseverance because, without it, the gambler could not experience a "win," which they will need to rationalize their reason for gambling in the first place. However, if rationality was a necessary trait, gambling wouldn't require as much luck as it does, and it certainly wouldn't create the need for addiction hotlines either. This is why I question the sanity of people who continually subscribe to this "get rich quick" philosophy, instead of relying on hard work and ambition for their riches.

To a compulsive gambler, the idea of instant gratification seems to be much more alluring than the lengthy proposition of hard work, (a hand that truly pays off in the long run). Although most people who visit this infamous city are average working people who enjoy the excitement of recreational gambling, they often end up with the same results as the compulsive gambler—leaving with nothing more than "Lost Wages."   

So, to those fixated gamblers I offer a piece of advice. I happen to know you can get a room at the local mental health clinic, no reservation necessary, where they specialize in changing your philosophy from "hoping for change," to "hoping you change." And just in case therapy doesn't suit you, then may I suggest the MGM Grand, where David Copperfield can reinforce your illusions of grandeur. 

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