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Everyday Heros

I have always believed that a real hero is an everyday person or citizen. I have never felt that true heroism has to come from someone in the military or even someone donning a uniform, as many of those men and women were drafted years ago, or volunteered to receive college scholarships and benefits. To me, true everyday heroes are mothers and fathers who do what is necessary to keep their families healthy, safe and protected.

Heroes are citizens who make sure the laws in their communities, state, and country are followed by getting involved and becoming a part of the solution to problems. Heroes are people who come to someone else's aid without worrying about the consequences of their actions. Heroes are real people from your neighborhood, your city, your state who just want to "do the right thing" by making their corner of the world a better place to live and work in.

Today, we face many difficult problems in America that we haven't dealt with before in our history, at least, not for almost 200 years. I believe today's heroes are going to be Joe and Josephine Citizen, who will stand up against terrorism, and the tyrannical movement of big government and the big multinational corporations that control it. Today's heroes are going to be tomorrow's community leaders in the face of tough times ahead, and the lack of real leadership from government.

As a political activist, I can say with conviction, that I believe we will live to see many "everyday heroes" in our lifetime. Perhaps the only difference is that they won't have quite the fanfare as heroes of the past have had.  I believe before this critical time in our history has passed, we will have several new names of previously unknown individuals to add to the list of American heroes.

I also believe that unfortunately, the heroes of tomorrow will have no cheering crowds, no accolades or parades honoring them. For these heroes of the future, survival will be their reward in a harsh new world we are about to face.

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