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Patience Isn't Just a Virtue

While I don't have the market cornered on the virtue of patience, I believe I at least have enough of this wondrous, life saving attribute to not be in danger of being incarcerated for life. I cannot, however, say the same thing about other people.  There is no doubt in my mind that I have traveled the highways with large numbers of frustration felons.

Truthfully, I too have “had my moments,” as they say. There have been many days when I could have easily “blew my cool,” “popped my top,” or needed “to chill,” but I've always been able to maintain an even keel, despite fleeting homicidal thoughts. The problem as I see it is, people need to think of their patience level like they do their oil, and dip their stick more often. Be it the little old lady from Pasadena, to Smokin' Joe in his 18-wheeler, people simply can't maintain a proper level in most situations. Of course, it would probably be best to have a physician dip their stick. After all, physicians do handle patience better than most of us, and they work hand in hand with the pharmaceutical industry who have created the chill pill many so desperately need.

One hundred years ago a man or woman without patience for others would have been an outcast, a heathen, not to be thought of as civilized. Things have obviously changed in the last hundred plus years. The simple fact is, we've become a self-indulged society with no tolerance for anyone but ourselves, often resulting in a civil action rather than a civilized society.

Today, patience is truly in short supply in our lives. A common virtue, not found so commonly, will eventually disappear if not practiced daily. I often wonder what would happen if we all lost our patience with each other at the same time. Could this be the way the universe was really created? Perhaps not, but I would guess the big bang was probably just as disagreeable as anyone without patience is.

So, as I go forth into the world, I've learned that although patience may not be the most important attribute to have as a functioning member of society, it isn't just a virtue.  It's a necessity.

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