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Truth Or Consequences?

Does truth qualify as "hate speech?  Or are people so politically correct, that values such as honesty are looked upon as annoying or racist?  It appears that people have become so conditioned to lies and corruption, that demonizing those who tell the truth have become a national pastime. Not a day goes by where the mainstream news doesn't attempt to discredit people who speak the truth. It has even gone as far as creating new doctrines in the psychological and medical fields to condition people to believe that the majority of Americans have some sort of "condition."  Insinuating that these people might not be credible or stable in some way, simply because they speak the truth or have a belief system based on facts, is a standard method used by interest groups and government every day.  I believe this pastime of discrediting or entrapping people has actually become more popular than football or baseball. 

In years past, truth or consequences was a popular game show, but in today's world, it has become a new game with monumental risks.  Truth now equals consequences. It's unfortunate that this philosophy exists, but it is even more demoralizing that our own government encourages lying and propaganda, as evidenced by their actions and laws.  Truth and information are the cornerstones of a free society.  They are the glue that holds a democracy together, not to mention keeping government transparent. Yet, telling the truth is quickly becoming a fad no one cares to emulate any longer. It's a much more accepted policy to stretch the truth, exaggerate, tell a few half truths, or just outright lie rather than be honest. Honesty simply doesn't pay much or get you very far today. In fact, it's often a nuisance. Just look at the numerous candidates running for offices around the country, including the Presidency, who have had scandal after scandal make its way to the general public, and yet, they still get elected, or worse, they do not get prosecuted.  Apparently, telling the truth seems to have more consequences for those "not above the law." 

Since society no longer embraces the truth, then may I suggest a new oath for courtroom witnesses.  Perhaps it should state, "I swear to tell truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, according to the propaganda laws as enacted by my government, so help me Pope Francis." I mean, he is the new President of the new world order, isn't he?  Now here is a man who is literally spewing out government philosophy and edicts out to the masses, rather than religion, and no one wants to know why.  No one questions it.  No one asks the question, "what is the real truth in what he said?"  Just in case no one noticed, he never once spoke the name "Jesus" in his speeches.  For a man of God, I find that very telling, indeed.

This new activity of conditioning the public to a new point of view was so painfully obvious with his visit, you would have to be blind and deaf not to notice it.  You would have to be completely controlled by the government through all its techniques and devices in order for you not to have noticed any of his blatant disagreements with doctrine and with biblical law, as we know it to be.  Yet, no one questioned whether or not they were hearing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when they heard shocking statements by this Pope.  No one questioned whether or not they were being lied to, confused, or conditioned. People seemed to be more afraid of being labeled a racist if they speak against lies or half truths being told to them, regardless of who is doing the deceiving. And this begs the question, why don't people question the obvious any longer?  Why do they simply choose to believe an institution that has lied to them or used propaganda to deceive them?  Or better yet, why do they not care?  

People wonder why we have so many violations to our Constitution and laws, why our freedoms and our liberties are being curbed, and why society is changing in a negative way. They get upset at the world around them and with their own personal life situations.  But what they refuse to see is what is truly behind all of their frustrations.  They refuse to see "the truth" in many instances. Far easier and less problematic to simply believe the perspective the government wants them to have.  If you want truth over eventual consequences, then you need to very rapidly begin looking to real news, not government generated news created to sway your beliefs.  Factual news rather than partial truths and disinformation, is the only kind of truth that will set you free.

People have discarded the all common sense and logic that truth provides.  They have turned their back on self-study and investigation, and choose to find their answers in a false reality. In essence, they have chosen to ignore the truth and accept the consequences of deceit.

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