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It Shouldn't Have Been Invented

In this day of technology and digital data, we often hear people debate the subject of whether or not the computer should have been invented. When I hear this being discussed, it is usually the baby boomer or older generations that feel this way. The idea that the personal computer has become too in…

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Progress vs. Perception

Whether or not progress is beneficial to society is a topic that would elicit a variety of opinions from its citizens. I would venture to say, for every idea or tool that has changed, or been invented; there will be those who find them a hindrance as well as helpful. Personally, I feel many of our s…

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My Desktop

As you can see from the photo in this post, my desktop is neat, tidy and impeccable, and has plenty of space on it.  Space is paramount to me, both in work and play.

There is something in my personality that requires that I always have my own space, regardless of where that space is, and how muc…

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Monster Mind

While watching a rerun of the movie Terminator 2, I began to consider the technology present in our world today, and what technologies from that film might already be science fact.

Could we already have something like these creations in the government arsenal for future use? And if so, woul…

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