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Monster Mind

While watching a rerun of the movie Terminator 2, I began to consider the technology present in our world today, and what technologies from that film might already be science fact.

Could we already have something like these creations in the government arsenal for future use? And if so, would the public be disturbed if they learned their lives could be controlled by artificial intelligence without a human brain? Of course, observant people in today's world already see that life forms without a brain govern their lives, as evidenced by the state of the country. So I suppose the general public is already being acclimated to that possibility.

Terminators are interesting characters. They are indestructible, non-emotional, efficient killers. Yet in the film, they also possessed a learning computer that allows its chip to learn like a human brain. Today's most sophisticated computers also have learning abilities. The user is able to train the software so computers can automate many human functions and make decisions based on this training. I certainly hope (for our sake), that the people training these computers aren't recent graduates from our current education system using Common Core directives. If so, perhaps we don't have anything to really worry about. If you've ever tried to have a conversation with some of tomorrow's computer techs, then you can imagine what they would create to control us--probably something along the line of the Terminator meets Bart Simpson.

As far as we know, computers aren't making critical decisions for society yet. As far as we know. However, if a computer was being used to make societal decisions, I'm sure this information would not be common knowledge. There was a time when society did not completely trust technology or the companies that manufacture it. But today, Generation X and even many of my fellow Baby Boomers embrace this intrusive technology, in order for them to be free of such nasty human chores such as: learning, researching and making their own decisions. I believe these computers are too smart for our own good, and that the average individual has become lazy and complacent. These “monster computers” seem to be turning generations of people into “sheeple.”

Technology is a wonderful tool, but it has become a critical factor in terms of personal choice, liberties and pride in one's own work, rather than just a tool used for convenience. I used to believe the public would feel outraged knowing we have less control over our own lives, but now I see more clearly through the cracks. I've come to realize people love the idea of being controlled.  Already microchips are being prepared to be implemented into our drivers licenses with all our information on it in order to make us a cashless society.  Yes, we wouldn't want to have to continue making that grueling trip to the ATM machine where we have to actually push buttons to get our money, now would we.  Perhaps they can simply figure out a way to install a joystick on the top of people's heads so the machines can literally move people around like a puppet, requiring no effort on their part.  I would imagine many of today's citizens would find that exhilarating and progressive.

Am I comfortable with the idea of a computer that could become capable of making judgment calls or decisions for me? Absolutely not. In fact, I don't believe a computer should ever be allowed to function in this capacity. I think computers make excellent servants, but I wouldn't want to serve under one. As much as I appreciate working on a computer, I would not want to work for one. And I certainly would not want to be controlled by one. People must always remain in control. I want someone with not only cognitive ability, but someone with a human brain at the helm of my world that actually knows how to use it for the benefit of all, not some microprocessor with the ability to make me “do the dance, do myself in, or do something to someone else” before I figure out what's going on.

So as I continue to watch this film, I have to wonder if some type of technology is already being experimented with at the highest levels of government, or if I'm simply watching a science fiction creation from someone's imagination. Frankly, I believe today's humans have already created the "monster mind."


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