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My Desktop

As you can see from the photo in this post, my desktop is neat, tidy and impeccable, and has plenty of space on it.  Space is paramount to me, both in work and play.

There is something in my personality that requires that I always have my own space, regardless of where that space is, and how much I can attain. But once I attain it, you can be assured it will be orderly and uncluttered, because I can not abide clutter in my life in any way, and will remove it the first time it shows up.

Random files? On my desktop? I think not! They wouldn't dare show their digital faces anywhere on it!  Why I would hit that delete key so fast, they wouldn't know what happened to them.  No, I'm afraid only the most necessary of programs are allowed to share the desktop on any of my computers, and even then the program has to make a good case for their being on it.

I've always been a bit on the obsessive compulsive side when it comes to keeping everything in its place. It tends to drive people in my family crazy, as well as people I've worked with, but I have found that I never lose anything, I never misplace anything and I never throw anything away anything that didn't deserve being thrown away. The desktop you see in the 
photograph, is me. 

I'm the person who sees a little scrap piece of paper on the floor and has to pick it up. There truly is something liberating in the fact that I am overly organized, and that fact is that I never have to make excuses for all of the above situations, as so many people do! 

No, the desktops on all my devices remain
 neat and in order, with no distractions.  I just can't abide a messy and uncooperative desktop. 

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