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The Henderson Swamp...A Creepy Place?

When a friend asked me where the creepiest place I had ever been to was, it didn't even take a minute to respond. I immediately said it was the Henderson Swamp in Louisiana. It's a sizable and heavily visited swamp with causeway bridges covering over 18 miles.  The swamp can evoke many emotions depending on your mood while driving through it, and weather often plays a large part in the overall atmosphere of the place.

I frequently travel through this visibly rural area late at night, so it’s not uncommon for an uneasy or creepy feeling to overcome me whenever I'm crossing it. The weather is often dreary, rainy or stormy, especially during the spring and summer months and high winds often accompany other conditions ranging from balmy to severe, adding to it’s frequent dreariness. I have been told that more often than not it’s sunny, warm and pleasant, but I’ve rarely experienced it. However, it is an amazing place despite the current conditions.  I find myself looking forward to seeing it each time with anticipation, although I’m not certain what it is that I am actually anticipating. 

Henderson Swamp is an outdoorsman’s paradise, just as Louisiana’s state motto boasts. It has an abundance of wildlife, environmental diversity and unique people living there. Seeing the many rustic shanty's in almost a primitive location, the swamp is actually a local and tourist recreation area with many unique attributes. This location doesn't resemble the Manchac Swamp with it‘s legendary “Rogaru“ wolf man-like creature, supposedly trolling through its muddy waters, but often feels more like a set from a "B" rated horror film.  I half expect the"Swamp Thing" or the "Bogeyman" to pop over the bridge and stop me in the middle of the road!  It's truly evokes an uncanny and even an uncomfortable feeling at times...a feeling you can't readily explain, but have to experience to understand.

The last time I passed through, storms and a tornado rolled through. A torrential amount of rain poured down for two days just prior to arriving. Interestingly enough, this time I drove through during the day. Low and behold, it was extremely bright and sunny. It was quite a surprise. The most amazing aspect of it was just how green and stunningly beautiful the swamp became in a different light. It looked like a Fuji photograph. The colors were so brilliant and crisp, I was stunned. It was one of the most visually pleasing  places I had ever seen.  Completely mesmerized, I recall not being able to take my eyes off of it.  Although I had travelled through the swamp many times before, I realized that I saw the personality of the swamp for the first time that day. 

Ultimately, I no longer think of this place as creepy. 


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