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My Healthy Life...Not!

While today is a day of grilling, barbeques, and lots of good food for all, it made me realize except for several days a year when I'm home on the holidays, the food I'm forced to consume on the road is less than nutritious. I wish I could say that I live a healthy lifestyle, but I can't. Being a …

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The All Mighty Dollar

As an owner operator in the trucking business, I can tell you that I spend more money burning my fuel idling and road expenses waiting for shippers to get my truck loaded. The attitude on the shipping side of the industry is one of almost total disregard for our wallet or our time, and it's beginnin…

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Just Do Your Job

As a regular part of trucking through Florida, my home state, we are required to enter Agriculture stations that check to make sure certain products are not brought into the state, or are legal to enter, etc. Because the inspectors know us from coming in twice a week, they usually pass us by withou…

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That's Not In My Job

I am never surprised at the lack of ownership of one's job by some individuals. On the road, I have encountered almost every type of person, both man, and woman. This one particular day, I had to deal with a woman who is a feminist. Now, I have nothing against feminists, but this one had just go…

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