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Just Do Your Job

As a regular part of trucking through Florida, my home state, we are required to enter Agriculture stations that check to make sure certain products are not brought into the state, or are legal to enter, etc. Because the inspectors know us from coming in twice a week, they usually pass us by without coming to the window or opening it as we drive through the station.

Today, I sat and waited while the woman who was working there never got up from her computer, across the room. We can see into their office clearly from our vantage point at the wheel. After waiting over five minutes, the line of trucks was now backed up on the highway. She never turned around even to look at the vehicles, which was her job. And she was the only person working, so she should have been clearing trucks.

I finally decided to pull slowly out and leave, since the people at these stations often don't even look at us, and they know our company does not haul the type of products they look for. I pulled out slow in case she decided to stop me at the last minute, which of course, she did.

When she looked at me, she put her hands in the air as if saying, "What? Where are you going?" It annoyed me that I had to start to leave before she would pull herself away from her computer.

Since I did not know I would be sparing with this woman, my comments were extemporaneous. I told her what we had, and that I'm here every week with the same product. Of course, she tells me that they see so many trucks she can't know them all. I finally replied that I didn't wait any longer because I had no idea how long it would take her to write her Facebook post, so I left after five minutes.

As the only person there, her job is to pass or check bills of lading if certain items are being hauled. I'm fairly sure that typing personal Facebook posts do not constitute work.

When I made my comments back to her, she went back inside, but promptly started doing her job. I believe she didn't argue the point further because she knew she was not doing her job prior to our words.

My advice to people like her who try to do personal activities while they are on the clock; just do your job and you won't get caught on social media during work hours.

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