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My Healthy Life...Not!

I wish I could say that I live a healthy lifestyle, but I can't. Being a trucker, and out on the road for several weeks at a time, is not a life that promotes healthy living. In fact, it's probably one of the worst jobs as far as being able to stay healthy or to eat properly.

The truck stops have a set menu at most of the larger chains, and the smaller chain truck stops only offer fast food. I agree that it is named correctly because fast food will put you into a grave very fast if you eat it day in and day out. The menu at these 
stops are far from desirable, including their so-called healthy choices are supposed to keep you fit, but I can attest that those items don't necessarily do that for everyone. No, I'm afraid the word “healthy,” and the words “truck stops,” should never be used in the same sentence. It's rather like an oxymoron.

We do try to stay as fit as possible, walking when we can, and eating more carefully most days, but like honey to a bear, the truck stops often have buffets at a better price, which tend to lure drivers in and put on the pounds. Their healthier choices usually taste somewhere between a cardboard box and an old piece of leather off your jogging shoe. Truthfully, unless it's a particular truck stop where we know the food is homemade or are top quality cuts, then most of the food is less than appetizing. My dog even refused to eat it many times. That's bad.

Sometimes we make our foods at home and pack them into the refrigerator, eating our own meals, which are excellent for us, because we buy and prepare all organic foods. However, our fridge being a ¾ size in the truck can only hold enough for one week since we have to spare some room in it for drinks too.  A healthy driver is a hydrated driver!

Unfortunately, our bodies love the organic foods and meals, and after one week of “quality” food, we end up with bodies that immediately go on strike once the truck stop's food returns. I get overly concerned about our health out here because we are both getting on in age. My husband and I are seeing more and more “ailments,” show up as the months and years roll on. Not a day goes by we aren't worrying about something health wise. If I didn't know any better, I would say I'm becoming a valetudinarian.

Ah, life on the road some days. If people only knew what we go through to bring them their healthy foods, TVs, cell phones and all the other things they take for granted.

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