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Come inside as I show you a view of life from my perspective. It's not always a pretty sight, it's often controversial, and there's always the possibility that your emotions may become impassioned.  Just be careful as you take a peak inside.  In my experience, life isn't always what it's cracked up to be, and there are a lot of sharp edges.

Facebook & Texting

The internet is an amazing place to explore, to work within, and socialize on. It can even be a useful and convenient tool, but in many cases, it ends up becoming a double-edged sword. The negative side of the net's advantages is its ability to be abused by both responsible and irresponsible users, or criminals. There are two sides to every coin, and social media and the global online community are all subjected to the positives and negatives of what should be a neutral medium.

Facebook is a very popular application that a large percentage of the population uses on a daily basis. It too can be a wonderful place to meet and greet with friends, share work and promote business, but it has its share of issues. One issue Facebook has come under fire over is the fact that they work with government agencies for all intents and purposes, nullifying most of your privacy. It has a tendency to be hacked quite regularly, requiring continual changing of passwords and security options. So security is an ongoing problem with this medium.

Facebook is comprised of a large community of world users, that prefer to make short posts online, than actual writing to communicate with each other. Even email is being replaced by Facebook. It seems that the simplest forms of writing and communicating are becoming the chosen mediums, including YouTube videos. It's getting so bad, I had to “poke” my husband on Facebook to get him to respond to a question, and he's sitting right next to me!  

As far as texting is concerned, we have all seen the effects that this tool has on people's lives when it is used inappropriately. Injuries and death have occurred when people text and drive or text at the same time as other activities. I've never understood why people prefer to type rather than speak to each other. It's actually faster to type a phone number and talk, than to text, unless of course, we are talking about the new “speak,” complete with broken words, single letters, and picture icons. They might as well just change our language from the word “English,” to “Emoji.”  Sure, I use Facebook and Messenger, but I never use "text talk," and I only use emojis to add the tone of my words to the end of a message, nothing more.

The use of texting has decreased people's ability to write in a coherent manner, and even the necessary skills for business writing has decreased to the point of erosion. It is shocking to hear college professors admit that a large number of their students cannot form a coherent sentence in standardized English.

Perhaps professors should accept their papers in the new "speak" instead. They'd probably have Pulitzer Prize winners—in text talk.